Why Do I Look Like The Way I LOOK?

Its a very common question which definately arise in every humans mind, once in his lifetime.

Why I am dark or fat from others, why i am not tall, why my hairs are brown?
Such types of question s many time makes a person sad while sometimes happy.

So let s explore the reason of it

DNA – your body’s instruction manual

Everything you see in mirror from your height to your hair colour, to the dimple on your chin.
Its written into nearly every cell of your DNA. The spiraling chains of protein s found in every cell in your body.

Instructs every cell

DNA is your body’s instruction manual.
It tells your cells how to grow into organs, hair, teeth, fingernails, tongue. Every single part of body follows its instructions


Stretches of DNA (called genes) are like pages in that instruction manual.

Genes control what you will look like. Plus less obvious traits such as whether you have perfect vision or the ability to curl your tongue.

Now the question is from Where you get your Genes?

While you admire your good looks in the mirror, don’t forget to thank your parents.

Genes come in pairs; one from Mom and the other from Dad. Its the combination of genes that bring about or express various physical traits (in a process called Heredity).

Some genes are more influential on your appearance than others.

The genes for dark hair are dominant over the genes for red and blond hair, making dark hair more common.

Do animals too have DNA?

And the answer is YES. All of them do.
Not just animals but every living thing on Earth, including single – celled bacteria, trees and plants.

In addition to it, Environment and diet also play a large role in shaping a person.

Everytime you can’t complain its (heredity).
If you don’t give sufficient amount of food to your body, you look slim only.

Our Lifestyle too plays a vital role in shaping our weight, skin tone and other physical characteristics.

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