Very Useful Household and Kitchen Tips for RAINY SEASON

As it is the begining of Rainy season, we all have to face problem of moisture. We know from daily experience how easily paper, and even strong leather, deteriorates in the open air or in a damp room.”

So Here’s Some USEFUL TIPS

It RESOLVE all your kitchen and day to day problems which occurs in Rainy Season

  Deep Freeze your clothes

When you find that you want to wear your jeans or shirt and it s damped due to moisture, just wrap your cloth in a plastic bag and put in the freezer.

Within minutes you get your clothes without damp and fresh too.

Use of Vinegar

Use white vinegar 1/2 cup and 50 ml hair conditioner in a cup of water, mix it and pour in washing machine and wash your clothes.

You will see how smooth and fresh your clothes will be, with good smell, it removes all damp of this season from your clothes.

Keep matchstick in container

To save your groceries or container of rice, lentils ,make a bundle of 4 matchsticks and tie it with the help of rubber and place it inside the food stuff .

You will see it keeps your stuff safe from worms or insects
Or you can place empty matchstick too in it, it will do the same work.

To remove smell of bathroom

Burn two matchsticks in the bathroom and let the smell spread around, you will see  damp and bad smell of bathroom vanished in minutes

Keep rice away from worms or insects

 Put some  bay leaves ( tej patta ) around 11-12, or dried red chilly inside the container , it will also help to keep your grains insect free

Make home made repeller

Spray HIT on agarbatti and burn it. Keep it in the place where you find more mosquitoes, all mosquitoes went off in seconds and will not come back.

Removes rust from knife

Take an onion, cut into 2 pieces and  rub it on the knife, leave it for 4-5 minutes, it is the best way to make knife rust free. It s a super magical way of treating rusted knife.

Removes smell from sink

To remove smell from sink, take 1 litre of water and 1 cup salt and mix it well and pour this mixture in the bathroom or kitchen sink and all your dirty smell went off.

Removes smell from Almirah

Put 2 spoon of baking soda in small container which has tiny holes on it, like small ( namak dani) mix in it 10-12 drops of essential oil for fragrance. You find a soothing smell over there.

Usage of Camphor

Put camphor  near drainage or places where insects come or if it stinks, it keeps your drainage insect free and also smells good.

Removes moisture of lighter

This is a common problem occurs in rainy season that lighter does not work properly for that switch on the gas and off it after 5 minutes then put this lighter on burner for 4-5 minutes and you will see it absorbs all moisture of lighter .

Removes moisture from shoes

This is the most serious problem occurs in this season.Shoes remains wet for long. To remove damp from shoes keep it under fan for sometime and then crumple a newspaper and put it inside the shoe.

Its a super beneficial remedy, all the smell of shoes went off  and also you can try hair dryer to dry it quickly.

Using Ziplock bag

Keep Ziplock bag for using mobile and purse. The best way to keep it free from moisture and also saves the life of it.

Usage of rice for damp

Put some rice in the container you kept salt( namakdani ) to save it from moisture. It will remain as it is. Also you can use cornflour. Mix cornflour into the salt container. It will also keep it safe from damp

Usage of Vinegar and Camphor

Take 2 spoons of white vinegar and 5-6 pieces of Camphor and mix it in hot water. Let the concoction be ready for sometime then clean the floor with this mixture.

No mosquito or fly comes in your house. Also you can mix salt in hot water for cleaning of floor.

Saving Biscuits

To save biscuits keep it  in air tight container. That is the first and foremost thing you should do.

Make a small packet of salt ( take little salt in a small white cloth and tie in it ) and then keep in biscuits container.

Take tissue paper and put some rice and then again cover with tissue and put biscuits inside this. Best way to keep your biscuits moisture free.

Mirchi ka kamaal

Keep papad in ziplock  bag and put it in freeze or sprinkle red chilly on papad. The best way to keep it damp free or aesafoetida ( hing ) in small cloth tied in it in  an air tight container.

Usage of Bay Leaves and Castor Oil

Put some bay leaves in flour to make it damp free easily, also in lentils you apply this remedy. You can put 10-12 drops of castor oil (erandi ) or mustard oil ( sarso )in lentils.

Hing( aesafoetida ) ka jaadu

Put some hing wrapped in cloth inside all your spices or (masalaas) and keep then moisture free.

Usage of Cloves

Put few cloves in semolina ( rawa ) to keep it damp free or always roast it lightly  before keeping in jar.

These are the simple solutions for RAINY SEASON which if you apply then you can save your time and energy and also keeps you relax.

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