Gokul was the quaint town of cowherds

Lord Krishna was brought up by his foster mother Yashoda. In every house there was lot of butter, milk and curd available and our little Krishna was fond of all these things.

kanha Makhanchor

 Although Nand Baba has so many cows in his own yards and Krishna can have lots of butter and curd from their, he went to all Gokulwasis (people of Gokul) house with his friends and steel butter from their houses.

It was the part of his play, due to which so many times, Gwalane (ladies of Gokul) Visits, Krishna’s house to complain about Krishna.

The community hides the products by hanging them high out of his reach, but he finds creative ways to reach what he wanted.

Natkhat Kanha

Sri Krishna was very notorious in his childhood. He loves to do masti and teasing Gokul girls and throwing stones on their Matkis (pots) and ran away. For eating Makhan (butter) he and his friends can do anything so for that they got punished from mother Devki too.

Main Inspiration

The main inspiration behind this festival is the childhood sport that Krishna was highly fond of. In this event an earthen pot filled with dahi or butter hanged at a convenient or difficult to reach height.

Young Boys and men forms team, make a human pyramid and attempt to reach or break the pot. A participant in this festival is called GOVINDA. It is the most popular names of Lord Krishna.

The essence of this sport is enhancing the team work, coordination, love and brotherhood among the people. And also to get devoted into Bhakti of Lord Krishna which is the lord of all powers, who gave rise to two inspiring literary pieces called SHRIMAD BHAGVATA and MAHABHARATA which teaches mankind his eternal messages.

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