जत्र नार्यस्त पुज्यते रमंते तत्र देवता!!

Well said by Great Gyani s, that wherever women worshipped, there God exists.

Women itself a word includes Men in it.

She is strong as Father and selfless as Mother.
Responsible as Husband and sensible as wife. Protector as Brother and reliable as Sister.

The whole humanity exists around her.

As Mother

She takes great care of her child, his clothing, food, studies, sleep, sports and everything.


She is the alarm clock of the house. Complete s each and every work, food, laundry, dishes, cleaning, everything on time


She takes a good care of everyone ignoring her own health and keeps on running.

Good teacher

She is the best mentor of her children. She is there in every aspect of life of her children

Best cook

She tries to satisfy every one’s appetite by making delicious food. For her iwn desires are nothing but the priority is her family.

But what actually going on with her. What in return she get after doing all?

She had to listen ” what you do, whole day“.
People talk about women empowerment, but in real sense, its just a phrase.

They expects, a Women should be a Super Women. She should take responsibility of everything except her own desires and dreams

Hatt s of to the Attitude

Husbands love their Spouse secretly
But they scream before every one. And if the wife reverts, she is ill – Mannered.

So those husband s and the people who thinks that women does nothing

Please TRY

Feed yourself and kids.

Be calm in front of family after listening lot of rubbish.

Try to be punctual each and every moment

Give immense respect, care and time to your family without complaining.

And last keep doing your work, though you are sick.

Untill people Don’t respect A women, a Society cannot be a healthy, wealthy and Value rich Society.

As Brigham Young says

You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation

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