How to discipline Hyperactive Child in Class?

Does your child’s hyperactivity and constant distraction towards studies causing problems at home and at school?

Students with learning disability sometimes have difficulty with concentration. These type of students also have attention deficit disorders with hyperactivity (ADHD).

Here are some strategies through which you can help control hyperactive activity and reduce anxiety for the child.

Make the child responsible 

This is the best way to get child s focus in the class.
Assign him an activity in which after you complete teaching, he will re-tell the whole lesson again. Clean the blackboard or passing the papers 

In this way he becomes more focused in class while teaching.

Don’t withhold the playtime 

Never punish a Hyperactive child with not allowing him to do sports or playing games. This will refrain their mental and motor skills.

Why the child hyperactive 

Teacher must try to find out the ways, why child is so hyperactive? Why he is not able to concentrate on a thing for more than 10 minutes? What makes him bored from studies?

Funfilled classroom 

Teacher must know the traits to keep busy her class by doing funfilled activities. Whatever she teaches, it should be in a  play way method. This help a child learn things thoroughly.

Always appreciate 

A teacher must learn the trait to appreciate a Hyperactive child on his every small good deed. This will boost their morale and inspire them to work hard and in time too.

Positive affirmations 

According to psychology, the reason affirmations work, in a sense, is because the subconscious mind plays a big role in the manifestation of our desires.

In other words, what we believe about ourselves at a subconscious level, can impact the actual outcome of events.

So always affirm a child with positivity, one negative word or scolding will lead to ill results.

Encourage Attention to Detail

If the student rushes through her work, prompt her to check it carefully before turning it in. This will teach her to pay attention to details to avoid making sloppy mistakes that can hurt her academically.

I think I can, I know I can

Everything that you do or don’t do comes down to confidence. Always believe in yourself even when it’s not easy. Teacher should always motivate the child with such quotes to build self respect, love and confidence in them.


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